compression therapy

What is Compression therapy with Normatec 


It helps to improve blood circulation, flexibility and reduce the tissue repair time. The compression therapy makes use of three different massage techniques in order to speed up the normal recovery process of your body. These techniques are gradients, pulsing compression and distal release. Circulation of blood throughout your body is maximized with the help of these mechanisms to make you feel better, recover faster and train harder. Effectively restoring the body with oxygen-rich blood and increasing nutrients in the bloodstream. As little as 20 minutes of treatment can greatly accelerate the soft tissue healing process. Pre-authorization available! 


  1. Increase range of motion (ROM)

  2. Reduces pain sensitivity 

  3. Clear metabolites passively 

  4. Pulse compression as a treatment for delayed onset muscle soreness (doms)

  5. Normatec upregulates pgc-1a and e-nos

  6. Decrease muscle fatigue after acute exercise 

  7. Gene expression in human muscle tissue 

  8. Improve endothelial function

  9. Prevents and eliminates first-stage varicose 

  10. Helps to avoid development of cellulite

  11. Helps to remove toxins such as lactic acid

  12. Reduces inflammation and fluid collection 

  13. Strengthens loose skin caused by pregnancy or obesity

  14. Relieves conditions such as heaviness in the legs

Rate for Session (home based, traveling fee is required) 


  • 1 session $30


Rates for Memberships

  • 4 sessions $100/month (one session a week)

  • 8 sessions $160/month (two sessions a week)

  • 12 sessions $180/month (three sessions a week)